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WHICH WEB BROWSER WORKS BEST? (currently Google Chrome)
GPWales has been designed with modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari and Google Chrome in mind. GPWales will therefore require you to use one of these Browsers to use all of the features. Older generations of web browsers such as Internet Explorer are not compatible with all of the features of GPWales. The optimal browser currently is Google Chrome.
You can download Google Chrome from
You can download Microsoft Edge from
If you are using a works computer, you can change your default browser so that your preferred browser opens by default. To change the Default Browser on your Windows 10 Computer:
1. Click on Start Menu
2. Start Typing 'Default Apps' then click on 'Default App Settings (System Settings)'
3. Click on 'Web Browser' towards the bottom of the screen
4. Click on Google Chrome

GPWales and Locum Hub Wales are currently distinct websites with distinct databases - you'll need a separate login for each site until we can merge the two sites back together (currently planned for Winter 2020).
1. Complete the 'New Users' side of the Login Page. You'll be emailed a link to confirm your email is accurate (please check junk)
2. If you can't find or leave the link too long (it times out for your own security), simply get another one by clicking on 'Expired/Need a new Email Confirmation link?' in the login page.
3. If you forget your password, click the 'Forgot your Password?' link in the login page.
4. If you're getting a message saying 'These credentials do not match our records' it means either you've not complete the 'New Users' side of the page yet, are entering the wrong password, or using the wrong email account. If you're not sure, by all means contact Support Team or call 03330111899

--- LOCUM FAQs ---

Every new user sets up a profile as themselves, some may then apply to be enabled to manage a Practice, others may wish to complete the required Locum checks (or both).
1. Once you create your account (see above) you'll be passed through to your Profile. Complete this accurately.
2. Locums will need to ensure they have selected that they are a Doctor and entered an accurate GMC Number.
3. If you are already on the All Wales Locum Register (AWLR) your number will display and continue through this tab.
4. If you are not on AWLR, you can choose to not locum, to upload your own proof of Medical Indemnity, or ask to join AWLR
5. Once you get to the Locum Jobs Tab the system will have already searched the Welsh Medical Performers List (MPL) database to ensure it can match your GMC Number. If it can't find you it'll suggest you join the Welsh MPL.
6. If you are matched on the MPL, you'll have the option to click to join AWLR. this will email your request to NWSSP for processing. Please check back the following day or wait for their confirmation email.
7. Once past the MPL and AWLR (or alternative upload) registration check, continue through the Locum Tab.
8. Selecting Practices to your Willing to Work list will make it much easier to search for shifts later. Practices will see you've joined their willing to work list, and you'll be automatically/immediately notified of any new shifts being posted by these Practices.
9. On the My Documents Tab, upload a picture and as many documents as you're able - Practices are much more likely to select candidates where their documents are ready and available to view.
10. Once you complete the profile you'll see 'Locums' appear in the menu (top right) - click here to start searching for shifts, or manage shifts once you've applied to any.

If you've followed the steps above and can view the 'Search for Shifts' page in the Menu you'll be able to search for shifts.
1. The Page will default to display only shifts in the next two weeks, at Practices selected from your 'Willing to Work' list from your Profile.
2. To view more shifts, toggle the filter 'Include Practices not on my 'Willing to Work' list' to Yes, or expand the sate range.
3. To apply, simply click apply, enter a fee and/or any notes required. To see other shifts in the same Practice, click 'More Shifts'


Any User can apply to become a 'Practice Enabled User' so that you can then access and edit the Practice's Profile, create and manage Locum Shifts as well as a whole host of other features relating to the practice. All users must be approved either by a previously enabled user in the same practice or by the Locum Hub Wales Admin Team (email

To apply to be a Practice Enabled User:
1. In your personal profile, select the Current Employment Tab
2. In the question 'Current Employment' select 'Employed by a Practice'
3. Start typing your Practice Name or Practice Code. After 5 characters/digits have been entered it'll offer results for selection. Select your Practice
4. Click the blue button 'Apply to become a Practice Enable User and Manage this Practice' next to the practice name.
5. If you have been the Practice Manager for more than a few months you will likely be on the pre-approved Practice Manager List and the 'Practice Tools' menu will appear in the top right of the screen. If not, a notification will not be sent to all other users who are Practice Enable Users already and any of them can accept or reject your application.
6. If your Practice doesn't have pre-enabled users or you need your approval expedited please contact Locum Hub Wales Admin Team ( or 03330111899) and they can help.
NB: We are simplifying this sign up process to make this easier for users - please share with us any feedback about this or other elements of the site.

Guidance about Posting a shift can be viewed here; Create a New Locum Shift Explanation Video
1. Navigate to 'Practice Tools' in the Main Menu
2. Click 'Post a Shift'
3. On the Calendar click on the day you wish to create the shift. We'd advise creating only one shift at first - all subsequent shifts will mimic the most recently posted shift to avoid manual entry of all shift information each time.
4. A Summary table will appear. The Summary Table will contain the shifts that you create. You can create up to 25 shifts at a time.
5. Either click to Publish if all data is correct, or red cross to delete, or click on the Clipboard icon in the 'Actions' column to edit any shift information.
6. Edit the shift parameters as you wish, once happy, click on 'Save'
Guidance about Auction type can be viewed here; Best Offer and Reverse Auction Explanation Video
7. You can continue to add up to 25 shifts. You can always go back and edit any previous shift.
8. When you are ready to publish the shifts in your table, click 'Publish All Shifts'
9. Click 'Publish' in the confirmation window.
10. Your shifts are now live. Locums who have selected your Practice for their Favourites/Willing to Work List will be immediately notified of new shifts being posted. Other locums will be able to search for shifts at your Practice immediately.

You'll be notified of applications to shifts posted. To manage those applications and select who you wish to use for each Locum Shift you follow steps below;
1. Navigate to 'Practice Tools' in the Main Menu
2. Click 'Manage Locum Shifts'
3. This page contains 2 tabs – the first displays all live/future shifts, and the second everything else.
4. All shifts display in chronological order with the shift data and details displayed first, and underneath, details of any applicants.
5. If a shift has no applicants, the message 'No Applicants Yet' Will display under the shift details.
6. Applicants are displayed in a table under the shift details. You will be shown their MPL Status, what type of indemnity they have and the fee they have offered, the average fee this locum has charged practices per session over the last 12 months (if the locum chooses to display this information). Click on the 'Notes' icon to display any notes the locum has attached to their application, and if they have attached any documents to their profile you can view them by clicking on the number in the CV and attachments column.
7. If the auction type is 'Reverse Auction' keep in mind that the fee offered by a locum might change regularly.
8. To accept an applicant, select the green tick against their name and they will receive an email notification that their application has been successful. If there are multiple applicants, all the other applicants will automatically be rejected, and they will receive an email notification stating they have not been successful.
NB: You don’t have to accept the applicant with the lowest offer.
9. To manually reject an applicant, click on the red cross against their name.
Please Note: If the successful applicant is unable to attend the shift, you can re-list the shift. All the applicants that were automatically rejected (when you accepted the original successful applicant) will be able to apply again. Any applicant that was manually rejected (with the red cross) won’t be able to re-apply for that shift if it becomes available again.
10. To cancel a Shift, click the ‘Cancel Shift’ button next to the shift. All pending applicants will be notified that the shift is no longer available.

It is important to complete this profile, the details within it help Locums to select and apply to your Practice. Knowing which clinical system you use for example will impact on the locums able to apply to the shift.
1. Navigate to 'Practice Tools' in the Main Menu
2. Click 'Edit Practice Profile'
Tab 1: Practice Details
Some information will already be entered based on data from NHS Digital
Map - if the token isnt quite the right place after zooming in, you can drag the pin to a more precise location.
Practice Picture - if you have an image of the Practice please upload it. This impacts users in the shift search page and shouldn't be underestimated.
The Practice Website URL - could be a unique website address or the link from the LHB
The Description of your Practice - is the opportunity to 'pitch' to locums and those looking at permanent jobs on why working with your Practice is better than elsewhere. Why do you enjoy working with your Practice?
Tab 2: Additional Information
Selecting this information will greatly improve the data displayed to Locums to get a feel for your Practice and may mean the pool of Locums available will increase.
Clinical System selection - this is vital for search filtering of locums, we'd highly recommend completion.
Tab 3: Practice Enabled Users
This tab will display any pending user authorisations, and who the current authorised users of your Practice are.
Tab 4: Locum Engagement
This tab is used for any additional Terms and Conditions you wish to impose on Locums. We'd suggest using this only if you feel you need to as it does impact on the number of Locums who will apply to your shifts. Any changes will automatically email all Locums in the 'Manage My Locum' List to inform them that the Terms and Conditions of the Practice have changed.
The 'Show Profile View' (top right of the page) gives a feel for what a Locum would see from your Practice Profile.

This feature is only available for Practice Enabled Users.
1. Navigate to ‘Practice Tools’ in the Main Menu
2. Click ‘Manage My Locums’
3. You will be presented with a list of Locum Users that have stated they are willing to work at your Practice, or have applied to a shift at your Practice.
4. The amount of information available about each doctor depends on their selected privacy settings.